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Our Mission

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Backdoor Consultancy was established and founded by 2 creative veterans "Fiona" and "Christopher". 


Through the years of many branding project experiences,  both parties realized that there are still many brands which did not tapped on their true potentials. Therefore, the team believe that every brand lies a story and a legacy within, and they should be heard and be able to set a huge impression in wherever a brand or a product goes.

Our team

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Brand Strategist

Fiona has been in the creative industry since 2015, crafting creative plans and directives for SMEs in Singapore. 

Fiona therefore has successfully revamped and transformed many businesses from its humble state to it's successful position in it's individual industry today.

With the creative mindset and vast understanding on how a product should be represented, Fiona knows what's best.



Market Strategist

Christopher, whom naturally fell in love with arts and creatives from a young age therefore have been cultivating his passion into the creative industry till date. 

Christopher is previously a creative and marketing advisor for companies like Garena, GreenOne, YuanManCha, Edrich Group and Awesome Deals.

With a fusion of creativeness and bold ideas, Christopher is therefore able to assist brands and company to steer towards a loud and strong brand position in any market.

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